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Marcel explaining how to optimise CVs for matching algorithms

Taledo on the first page of innovative HR-Tech startups.


Interview with Marcel Poelker: Recruiting departments not only struggle with a chronic lack of time, but there are also often accusations of discrimination in the room. To what extent can algorithms help?

Den Lebenslauf für KI optimieren? Ich habe im Handelsblatt meine Einschätzung erläutert. Grundsätzlich sollte der CV den Maßstäben für menschliche Recruiter genügen (relevante Keywords, gute Struktur, Domänen-zentrierte Sprache), dann passt es auch mit der KI-Bewerbung

Expert article from Marcel about Recruiting, digitalization and AI – and what makes Taledo’s approach special. Published in Wirtschaftsinformatik & Management, Volume 13 (June 2021)

Taledo digital recruitment: what online dating and job hunting have in common.

A digital filter against discrimination: anonymized applications are intended to prevent discrimination in the application process. A start-up relies on a digital variant.

Only 18 per cent of Germany’s large corporations still want a Coverletter. “HR managers are increasingly under time pressure,” says Marcel Poelker, founder and CTO of Taledo. The number of applications is high. It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to go through each cover letter individually. “Traditional application procedures are hopelessly outdated”.

Three founders and their startup recruiting help.

Opening the semester at TechLabs Berlin with a talk about productivity

Panel discussion about “COVID proof engineering culture: lessons learnt in 2020 and key takeaways from tech leaders for 2021”.

Industry Lecture: A CTO’s advices from hundreds of Interviews

When do you ever get the chance to receive application tips from someone who did hundreds of interviews?

Industry Lecture: Increase Productivity and Achieve Goals

What are the biggest no-goes in companies during the recruitment process? What do companies have to consider in order to convince the rare skilled workers? And what do job prospects expect from their future employer?

Interview about AI in recruiting and how Taledo is a combination of product, human and AI.

Founding of a company with Marcel Poelker: From brainstorming to the finished product

Topics range from founding a company, dealing with uncertainty, having awareness of your role – up to the question of purpose.

Im Fearless Culture Podcast bespreche ich mit Jan Schleifer wie wir “furchtlos” Themen wie Recruiting, Digitalisierung und Diskriminierung angehen. Am Ende erwartet euch eine persönliche Challenge von mir.

„Das Kapital der neuen Investitionsrunde fließt direkt in die Weiterentwicklung des Produkts“, sagt CTO und Mitgründer Marcel Poelker